Problems with flexibility can become problems elsewhere for your elderly family member. If your elderly family member is experiencing difficulties with flexibility, she may be more likely to injure herself. That makes improving her flexibility incredibly important.

Senior Care Villa Hills KY - How Flexible Is Your Senior?

Senior Care Villa Hills KY – How Flexible Is Your Senior?

Get a Baseline from Her Doctor

Your senior’s version of flexible or inflexible might depend on a lot of variables. What can really help is to get a baseline idea from her doctor about how she’s actually doing. If she’s got health issues that interfere with her flexibility, that’s important to understand. Her doctor can also help your senior and you to know what her limits are as far as activity levels.

Stretching Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Improving flexibility can be as simple as stretching daily. Those stretching activities can be done with everyday tools like a rolled-up towel or a belt. Your elderly family member may want to stretch at times that are easy for her to remember, like right after she wakes up or before she goes to bed at night. Doing simple stretches periodically during the day can also be a good idea, especially if she’s been in one position for a long time.

Senior Versions of Exercise Programs Can Help

If your elderly family member has access to a senior center or a gym, it might be a good idea to look into senior versions of popular fitness classes. Things like senior yoga offer a way for your elderly family member to improve her balance and her flexibility, but with a class that is tailored for her age group and for her particular needs. Exercising at home is also possible, especially if your senior finds a video or streaming workout she enjoys.

Increase the Activity as Her Flexibility Improves

When your elderly family member is seeing improvements in her flexibility, she’s going to be able to push herself harder with those types of workouts. Over time, that’s all going to help her to become even more flexible. All of that is going to play into the overall goal for her. Keep checking in with your senior’s doctor to ensure that she’s not pushing things beyond her limits.

Keeping your elderly family member as flexible as you can helps to ensure that she can keep up with her goals. Something else that can help her to meet her goals is to work with senior care providers. As she’s gaining flexibility and strength, they can help her with areas where she’s maybe not as adept.

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