Older adults who live alone may not be as excited about the holiday season as other people are. In fact, they may not look forward to them at all because limitations that have come with aging prevent them from fully participating. This is especially true for seniors who live alone. Not only is it difficult to do some of the traditional activities alone, but they may also feel lonely. After all, preparing for the holidays isn’t nearly as fun if you don’t have someone to enjoy the tasks with.

Fortunately, in-home care can assist older adults who live alone to do all the traditional activities of the season. Below are a few of the ways in-home care can assist your aging relative during the holidays.


In-Home Care Wyoming OH - How Can In-Home Care Help Older Adults Who Are Alone During the Holidays?

In-Home Care Wyoming OH – How Can In-Home Care Help Older Adults Who Are Alone During the Holidays?

Decorations are an important part of the holiday. They help to remind people of their traditions and create a festive atmosphere. An in-home care provider can assist with getting decorations out of storage and putting them up in the house. Because it is often unsafe for older adults to climb a step ladder or stand on a chair, having an in-home care provider can be especially important in avoiding falls. In addition, in-home care providers can make certain all decorations are hung safely away from heat sources that could cause a fire.

Gift Shopping

Giving gifts is a large part of the festivities in many American families. For older adults, that can be problematic if they are unable to drive or have trouble walking safely through crowded stores and malls. Sure, there’s online shopping, but lots of older adults are uncomfortable with providing their financial information online or simply lack the tech know-how to do it. An in-home care provider can drive them to the store or mall and accompany them while they shop, keeping them safe and making shopping much more fun


If your aging relative sends cards to friends and families, age can make it harder to do so. Older adults with vision problems may have trouble seeing to write out cards. Those with arthritis may have trouble manipulating the pen. An in-home care provider can sit with the senior and help them to write out cards to everyone on their list.

Preparing the House

Older adults who enjoy hosting family and friends at their home may be concerned about continuing to do so if they cannot clean the house the way they used to. An in-home care provider can help by cleaning the house, so the senior is comfortable having people over to their house to celebrate.

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