It’s never easy for anyone to realize that they simply can’t drive any longer. If that’s the case for your senior, it’s a good idea to have a plan ready to go to help her through the details.

Homecare Montgomery OH - Four Steps for When Your Senior Is Ready to Quit Driving

Homecare Montgomery OH – Four Steps for When Your Senior Is Ready to Quit Driving

Reach out to the Licensing Authority in Her State

Some states have a Department of Motor Vehicles while others handle licensing issues in other ways, like through the Secretary of State’s office. Reach out to that licensing authority and find out what the process is for your senior to turn in her driver’s license. She may need a note from her doctor or the process may be as simple as converting her license to a state ID card. Find out what needs to be done so you can get that process started.

Decide What Is Happening with the Vehicle

There needs to be a plan for what happens with your senior’s vehicle, too. There might have been a plan in place already, such as someone your senior wanted to give or to sell the vehicle to at some point. Even if there isn’t, you need a plan now. Talk to your elderly family member about what she wants to do with the car. Keep her involved in the process, because it is her car.

Set the Wheels in Motion to Cancel Insurance

After the license and once you know what you’re doing with the car, you can take the steps to start canceling your senior’s car insurance. She won’t need it any longer, and that’s an extra bill that she shouldn’t have to pay. Contact the company directly and set up a date for cancelation. Ideally, this would be after she’s already disposed of the car, just in case.

Driving Alternatives Need to Be in Place

While you’re handling the other nuts and bolts of this process, your senior needs to have easy access to alternate transportation. She may want to be able to be just as busy as she was before, in which case hiring homecare providers might be the best answer. Homecare providers can be right there with her whenever she’s ready to go and they can help with other tasks as well.

This is a really difficult time for most seniors. Being able to drive is a symbolic expression of independence and for your elderly family member it could feel like another sign that she’s just getting older. Give her as many choices as possible and be gentle.

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