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When Is it Right to Reach out for Help?

Very often caregivers find themselves wondering when they should be asking others for help. They might worry that it’s too soon or that there’s not enough that needs to be done to really justify asking for help. You might be surprised.


Homecare in Loveland OH: Reach out for Help

Homecare in Loveland OH: Reach out for Help


Your First Experiences with Caregiving Can Leave You Stunned

While a lot of caregivers ease gradually into caregiving, many find themselves thrust into caregiving rapidly after a serious injury or a health situation that quickly becomes an emergency. Your situation may leave you in shock for a few days or even weeks. You might also be in a situation in which you’ve got a lot of help right then, but that help goes away once the emergency is over.


You Might Think You’ve Got it All Covered

At first, you might think you have it all in hand. Things can fall into a routine pretty quickly and that helps. But you may not be in an optimal routine for you. There may be things that you’re just not doing that you need to do, especially for yourself. It looks like you’ve got it all covered on the surface, but that may not be accurate.


Things Start Slipping

When you start to realize that things are slipping, you may have actually been having issues for a while already. You might forget appointments or have a tough time remembering what you’re supposed to be doing. The never-ending task list just keeps growing and there seems to be no end in sight. At this point, you may start to understand that help would be good to have, but you may not know how to access it.


You’re Getting Exhausted

You can’t keep going like that forever, but you might still try. The problem is that this is exhausting both mentally and physically and you have to give yourself a break. When you realize that you’re sleeping and still not feeling rested, something has to change.


You’ll Know When it’s Time

In fact, you’ve probably known for a while that it’s time for help, but you may just be ready to acknowledge that fact openly. Most caregivers start with immediate and extended family members, but they’re not always able to help. Hiring elder care providers can get you experienced help you can count on and they can ramp up quickly to meet your needs.

Ideally, it’s best if you start asking for help from the very first day of your caregiving experience. That’s not usually what happens, of course, so it’s important not to beat yourself up. You’re doing the best that you can with your situation and that’s what matters.

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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark Vollmer is the co-owner of Queen City Elder Care and performs the outside sales and finance functions of the company.He has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience including sales and sales management in home infusion and hospice services.

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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

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