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What to Look for When Finding a Senior-Friendly Vacation Rental

When you are planning a family vacation, you’ll want to make sure you make all the right decisions so your family will have fun, stay comfortable, and enjoy their time together as much as possible.


Home Health Care in Mason OH: Senior Vacation Rentals


One way you can do that is by choosing a vacation rental rather than a traditional hotel. These offer more space and privacy, as well as greater amenities that make your caregiver efforts simpler and more accessible. Choosing one of these locations can help to keep your care routine more consistent while still letting everyone enjoy the vacation together.

There are countless vacation rental options, and each one has its own amenities and design. It’s important to keep in mind your parent’s needs, as well as any of the rest of your family, so you can choose the rental that is right for you.

Some things to look for when finding a senior-friendly vacation rental include:


  • Look for homes that are one story to avoid stairs that might be difficult for your parent to use, or that might cause confusion and injuries.
  • Make sure that any steps, such as those leading up to a porch, are in good condition and have secure handrails.
  • Look for homes that use keypads rather than keys to unlock the doors. This provides flexibility so some members of your family can return to the house while others go on outings or participate in activities.
  • If your senior has wandering tendencies, look for a home that has a fenced-in backyard. This can help to isolate your senior should they do not wander out of the home.
  • If possible, look for a house that is near sources of public transportation as well as resources such as a grocery store, pharmacy, and restaurants so your parent can meet needs quickly and independently.


How can senior care help?

Incorporating senior care into your vacation plans with your family is a fantastic way to ensure your senior loved one gets everything they need, while also making treasured memories with all of the generations. Family vacations are a wonderful time to spend quality time together, take a break from usual routines, and strengthen your relationships.

If your aging parent is dealing with challenges and limitations that might keep them from being able to participate in the vacation confidently, senior care can make a tremendous difference. A senior home care services provider can step in to keep your parent’s care as consistent as possible, offer them new levels of support and assistance to help them participate in the vacation, and also ensure they can take breaks when needed. Knowing your senior has access to this care allows you to relax and focus more on enjoying the vacation rather than worrying about them.

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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark Vollmer is the co-owner of Queen City Elder Care and performs the outside sales and finance functions of the company.He has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience including sales and sales management in home infusion and hospice services.

Michele Vollmer is a visionary leader who is perpetually searching for ways to improve, so to remain at the leading edge of the home care industry.She has served in the healthcare industry since 1989, including pharmaceutical and home health sales, as well as hospice sales and sales management.
Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

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