You might have been hearing a lot about sleep and aging adults, but why is sleep so important? After all, your aging family member is an adult and can determine whether she’s tired or not. But it’s bigger than that. Sleep can affect your senior’s overall health and well-being, which is a huge part of making sure she’s doing as well as possible.


Home Health Care in Madeira OH: Senior Sleep

Home Health Care in Madeira OH: Senior Sleep


Her Body Gets to Recharge

Sleeping recharges the body physically. When your senior is asleep, that’s when her body sets about repairing damage and putting everything back together again. If she’s not getting enough sleep, she likely feels more aches and pains than usual.


So Does Her Brain

Besides recharging your senior’s body, sleep recharges her brain, too. Sleep, and possibly the dreams that happen while your senior sleeps, might have something to do with memory and helping to improve memory. When she wakes from a good night’s sleep, your aging family member’s energy levels and mood can be much better because her brain has had a chance to reboot.


Her Immune System Gets a Boost

When your elderly family member is getting the sleep that she needs, her body is able to keep up with daily repairs and that includes keeping her immune system running the way that it should be. If your elderly family member has been catching every bug that comes around, she might be run down and need to get some extra sleep to help boost her immune system.


Getting Good Sleep Means Paying Attention to Some Details

There are a lot of little details that go into helping your senior to sleep well. Her diet plays a big part in how well she sleeps as does her activity level. Some people react differently to certain trigger foods, like caffeine, than other people do and that can even change over time. Work with your senior and her doctor to try to pinpoint what might be causing her problems with sleep so that you can find a solution that works.

If your elderly family member isn’t getting enough sleep or the sleep she’s getting is of poor quality, there may be something you’re missing. Hiring elder care providers can actually help you to see a little more of what’s happening when you’re not there to see for yourself. Some of the issues could involve caffeine too late in the day, long naps, or a variety of other problems.


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