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What Can be Done to Reduce the Risk of Hospital Acquired Infections?

Hospital-acquired infections impact approximately ten percent of those in the United States who are admitted to the hospital. It is defined as an infection a person develops while in the hospital that is not caused by a condition they already had when admitted.


Home Health Care in Madeira OH: Hospital Stay Safety Tips

Home Health Care in Madeira OH: Hospital Stay Safety Tips

With some of the most common of these infections being pneumonia, UTIs, and surgical site infections, HAIs can be very dangerous for your elderly parent. As their family caregiver, it is extremely important that you act as your parent’s advocate and help them to manage their health as much as possible while in the hospital setting. This includes taking all possible steps to reduce the risk your parent will contract an infection.


Some ways to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections include:

-Request your parent is in a private room if at all possible.
If your senior has a suppressed immune system or is dealing with any type of health challenge or difficulty that makes them more vulnerable to infection, make sure the medical team knows about it so they can take further measures to protect them.


-Watch members of the medical team closely, and ensure everyone who has any contact with your parent washes their hands or uses hand sanitizer every time they come into the room and interact with your parent.


-Wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer regularly to ensure you do not expose your parent to any excessive germs or contaminants.


-Don’t allow anyone to visit your parent if they are feeling sick or have been near anyone who is sick.


-Make sure that the items your parent touches are kept clean.


-Don’t be afraid to ask questions or point out concerns to the medical team.


Helping your aging parent recover after an illness or infection that required them to spend time in the hospital can be challenging, but fortunately, you do not have to manage it all on your own.

Adding elderly care to your efforts for your aging parent is a fantastic way to ensure your senior gets the care they need, both when they are recovering from a short-term issue, and when pursuing an overall healthier lifestyle.

An elderly home care services provider can step in to offer personalized assistance and support for a wide variety of elements of your parent’s life. This can include assistance with basic daily tasks such as tidying the home, meal preparation, and transportation, as well as personal support such as mobility assistance, medication reminders, and encouragement to make healthy lifestyle choices. This type of care can be particularly helpful after your parent deals with an illness or infection and needs a more focused level of care.


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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

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