Some caregivers start to believe that they can only be a caregiver. That comes from realizing that caregiving demands a lot of your time and your energy. But if you’ve got a plan and some help, you absolutely can do more than just be a caregiver without anything suffering for that choice.

Home Care Services Amberley OH - Can You Be More than a Caregiver?

Home Care Services Amberley OH – Can You Be More than a Caregiver?

What All Are You Doing?

What else do you do besides give care to your senior family member? You probably have a job or career that takes up plenty of time and energy, but you have other roles, too. Ideally, you’re going to want to devote the time and energy necessary to all of those different roles in order to honor them and to honor your own needs and goals. But you’re going to have to take a look at what that means for you first.

Is Your Employer Flexible?

Some employers are much more flexible than others are. You might be able to work from home or find other ways to maintain your obligations at work while still being able to be there for your senior. Some employers also have EAP, or Employee Assistance Programs, that can help you to learn more about balancing your work life with your personal obligations. These are usually worth checking into because they can help you to find solutions you didn’t know were possible.

Can Anyone Else Pitch in and Help?

If there are any other family members who might be able to help, even on a temporary basis, it’s worth it to ask them for their assistance. But even if they can’t help or there’s no one that you can ask, hiring elder care providers might be the best answer. They can take over in larger ways than other family members might be able to do, which can help you to feel better about concentrating on other things, like work obligations.

You Also Need Time for Yourself

Something else that you can’t afford to forget is that you need time away from caregiving. You have obligations to all sorts of people in your life, but you have an obligation to yourself, as well. Home care services providers enable you to make self-care a bigger priority, too.

You may not be able to do everything personally, but you absolutely can be more than just a caregiver. The key is in not spreading yourself too thin and knowing what you need to do and who can help you do it.

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