October is Talk About Prescriptions Month and it is essential that a person who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s discusses how things are going to progress, how they will keep track of all the prescriptions they’re taking, and how they can remain safe, healthy, and positive throughout this disease’s progression.

Home Care Anderson OH - Hire Professional Support for a Senior with Alzheimer’s Who’s Struggling to Keep Track of Their Meds

Home Care Anderson OH – Hire Professional Support for a Senior with Alzheimer’s Who’s Struggling to Keep Track of Their Meds

Emily had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago. At the time, her oldest daughter was living close to her and began noticing some of the earliest signs and symptoms. She didn’t know very much about Alzheimer’s, but was hopeful it was anything but.

When Emily was diagnosed, her family rallied around her. Her oldest daughter became her fiercest advocate and support system. It didn’t seem like Emily was going to need a great deal of support for a while, though.

She seemed more than capable of tending to her own basic care most days. Her daughter would stop by and visit every other day, to check in on her, bring her some groceries, and to give her some groceries. It was helpful, for sure, but what they didn’t discuss in those early years was how things were going to progress.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease.

Make no mistake about it, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. It will continue to progress. The memory loss will become much more significant in the years ahead.

There may even come a time for Emily when she has difficulty just keeping track of the regiment of prescription medications. That can be frightening for some people. Taking the wrong prescription medications at the wrong time, with the wrong medications can even prove to be harmful.

Now is the time to discuss long-term care options.

Just because Emily was taking care of herself for the most part quite well didn’t mean things were going to continue that way. At the time, her family didn’t know anything about Alzheimer’s or its progression. Neither did Emily.

Her doctor had given her a great resource of information, but that can only do so much. A person has to be willing to admit that things are going to change and that professional, experienced home care support can make a world of difference.

For somebody like Emily, she wanted to remain home for the rest of her life, if that was possible. It is, so long as a person with Alzheimer’s has the proper, experienced care on hand throughout the progression of this disease.

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