Safe and Comfortable Senior Living

Most older people want to live at home for as long as possible. How can their loved ones make possible last longer? Two must-haves for elders aging in place are senior care helpers for human contact and assistance with household chores as well as advice on making home fixtures and furnishings comfortable and safe for seniors with limited mobility.

Senior Care Mason OH - Furniture for the Elderly and Disabled

Senior Care Mason OH – Furniture for the Elderly and Disabled

Rethink Rugs on Floors and Stairs

When senior care providers look at an older adult’s home, the first thing they notice are the floors. Throw rugs and floor lamps appeal to the eye, but they can cause falls. Carpets feel lovely on bare feet, but they catch socks, grab shoes, require regular cleaning, and can trip elderly occupants. Carpet on the stairs in an older person’s home should be replaced with hard surfaces and floor grips. Some elders may need a mechanical chair for safe travel up and down stairs. Indoors or out, sturdy handrails and overhead lighting should accompany steps, stairs, and ramps.

Tables, Lamps, and Recliners

To prevent injuries to older or disabled people, tables in living rooms and dining areas should be round or curved in shape instead of square and sharp-cornered. Top-heavy or glass-top tables should be traded for furniture made with lighter, less dangerous materials. Touch-ready table lamps, cell phone stands, and battery-operated remote controls not only save steps, they relieve elderly residents of the need to turn, twist, and bend to reach gadgets.

The recliner often occupies center stage in front of the living room TV. Grandpa’s chair may be comfortable when he sits down, but he might enjoy an easier rise with a seat lift. Newer recliners and seat lifts can propel elderly loved ones safely and smoothly into a standing position without fear of falling. Extenders on the side position lever can move a reclining chair up and down without fear of bending too far and tipping over.

To Bed and Beyond

Improvements in beds for every age, size, and sleep type are long overdue, especially for elderly and disabled people. Those who struggle to slide into, move around in, or get out of bed may want to invest in an adjustable model. Like power recliners, adjustable beds reduce discomfort and the risk of injury for seniors and those with Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), Muscular Dystrophy, arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases.

Adjustable beds vary in weight capacity, price, and the range of movement they offer. Most will pull the occupant’s back into an upright position and bend the mattress at the knees. Senior care providers can discuss various models with clients and their families to guide decision-making.

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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners