Moving more is a big goal as a caregiver, primarily because you’re already pretty busy. But exercise gives you some big benefits starting with stress relief and following through to higher energy levels, better sleep, and so much more.

Here’s what you need to know.

Caregiver Hyde Park OH - Five Tips for Moving More When You’re a Busy Caregiver

Caregiver Hyde Park OH – Five Tips for Moving More When You’re a Busy Caregiver

Make Sure Your Goals Make Sense

Your goals are your own, but if they’re unreasonable, you’re not going to follow through. That’s going to make you feel as if there’s no way you can possibly get there, so why bother? Instead, realistic goals that make sense give you something to achieve. When you get there, all you have to do is set new goals. It really is that easy.

Stick with Simple Exercises

If you’re planning on doing something that is complicated, either in terms of the activity or just for your lifestyle, then it’s not going to happen either. For most people the easiest form of exercise to start out with is walking because they can just put on their shoes and go. If you’re starting out with a gym membership and signing up for classes that require you to rearrange your schedule, you’re probably not going to stick with this.

You Don’t Have to Do it All at Once

Doctors have been saying for a while now that you don’t have to get your workout in all at once. You can break up your exercise time throughout the day and all that work adds up. This is especially helpful to remember if you hate to work out. Incorporating more movement, of all sorts, can help you to hit your goals for exercise without putting you in the position to exercise in ways you hate for longer than you want.

Keep Yourself Challenged

You need to occasionally increase your challenges in order to keep yourself going. Add some time to your daily walk or pick a route that you know has more hills. That’s going to increase the activity level and it’s going to wake up your body. Your muscles get bored with boring workouts, too.

Avoid the Boredom Trap

If you find that you’re getting bored, it’s time to change things up. Try taking a free class if any are offered in your area or sign up to learn something new. Really what matters is that you find ways to keep yourself moving a little more.

It really is tough to get a workout in regularly as a caregiver. But if you shift your mindset about what working out means, you can get some great results.

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