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How Can You Educate Yourself with Limited Time?

When you’re a family caregiver, you have a lot to learn. That’s especially true if your aging adult has significant health problems that require special care and treatment. Use some of these ideas to help you gather as much information as you can, even if you don’t have a lot of extra time.


Elderly Care in Anderson OH: Caregiver Education

Elderly Care in Anderson OH: Caregiver Education


Use Commuting Time Wisely

If you commute to and from work, you might find that there’s quite a bit of time there that you can use in other ways. Taking a train or bus can often mean that you have your hands free to read books, use a tablet, or take notes. You might even enjoy listening to audio books. When driving it means that you need to keep your hands on the wheel, but audio books might still be a solid choice.


Join Support Groups

When you have limited time, hearing that you should join a support group feels as if someone is telling you to add even more to your schedule. The thing about support groups, however, is that you’re able to get specific and really target what you need to know. What you pick up from the other people in support groups is well worth the time you spend at the meetings.


Sign up for Mailing Lists

If your elderly family member has specific health conditions, consider signing up to be on the mailing list or the email mailing list for organizations related to those health conditions. Many of these organizations send you valuable information regularly and keep you updated about new developments and treatments that you might find helpful.


Ask Specific Questions

Start keeping a running list of the questions that you have. Keep the list with you, either in your planner or on your smartphone. Then, when you are in a situation where you can get those questions answered, you have the list right there with you. A little bit of organization can actually help you to make sure that you’ve got what you need wherever you are.

In the end, you may have to simply make time for learning more about your senior’s health. It’s worth the time that you carve out because you’ll save so much time in trial and error.


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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark Vollmer is the co-owner of Queen City Elder Care and performs the outside sales and finance functions of the company.He has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience including sales and sales management in home infusion and hospice services.

Michele Vollmer is a visionary leader who is perpetually searching for ways to improve, so to remain at the leading edge of the home care industry.She has served in the healthcare industry since 1989, including pharmaceutical and home health sales, as well as hospice sales and sales management.
Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

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