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What Can I Do About My Aging Relative’s Dizzy Spells?

Almost everyone is familiar with the feeling of dizziness, especially when feeling sick or after strenuous activity. But what about those who experience chronic dizzy spells so severe that they have a hard time getting through the day. Dizziness is not uncommon in aging adults that have medical issues, as it is a common symptom for a range of things. Family caregivers must consider their aging relative’s dizzy spells when they are looking at whether their love done can continue to live independently.


Elder Care in Hyde Park OH: Aging Relative’s Dizzy Spells

Elder Care in Hyde Park OH: Aging Relative’s Dizzy Spells


Causes of Dizzy Spells

With age, seniors have a higher risk of developing health issues that can affect their ability to care for themselves. It’s common for elderly adults to feel dizzy as a result of common conditions like too much caffeine, overexertion, dehydration, and low or high blood pressure. Other causes include migraines, heat exhaustion, anemia, infection, vertigo or the common cold. More serious causes of dizzy spells are diabetes/low blood sugar, stroke, heart attack, and a brain tumor. Dizziness rarely manifests on its own and usually pairs with other conditions like a fever, headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat or even fainting.


How Dizzy Spells Affect Elderly Adults

Depending on the duration and severity of the dizziness, it can really affect how an elderly person can take care of themselves. Imagine not being able to get out of bed in the morning or walk with confidence from room to room. They may not have the stamina to stand and shower, cook meals or do housework. Even doing things such as moving from the chair to the kitchen can be perilous if the elderly adult is not steady on their feet.

The biggest danger from dizzy spells is the potential for a slip and fall accident. Dizziness can cause seniors to fall and injure themselves seriously. Their muscles are generally weakened with age and their reflexes slow down considerably, making it less likely they will be able to recover if they stumble or start to pass out. Falling accidents can result in bruises, broken bones and even concussions, all of which can be dangerous to a senior’s health. Without someone with them, many elderly adults push themselves past their limits and ultimately get hurt.


Home Care Providers Deliver In-Home Assistance

Family caregivers who determine that their aging loved one is dealing with frequent dizzy spells should certainly look at hiring home care providers. These professionals will assist the aging adult in any way possible, especially when they are having a dizzy spell. Their strength, compassion and proactive approach to reducing dizzy spells will ensure the senior is more comfortable, healthier and safer in their home.

When it comes to ensuring an aging loved one’s health and safety, family caregivers must not risk leaving them alone, especially if they are dealing with chronic dizziness among a host of other health issues. Many seniors reach a point where they can no longer safely live alone, but between family caregivers and home care providers, they can still live at home with health and comfort.

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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners