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How a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can Help your Parent Following a Heart Attack

Elder Care in Villa Hills KY: How a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can Help your Parent Following a Heart Attack

If your parent has survived a heart attack, you are probably feeling extremely grateful. You notice, however, that they are almost always exhausted and that fear and anxiety seem to be overwhelming them and reducing their quality of life. If their cardiologist or primary health care provider did not recommend a cardiac rehabilitation program after their release from the hospital, find out why. These programs are a great benefit for someone who has experienced a heart attack.

What is It?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program. It involves exercise and helps your parent feel secure in the fact that they are being monitored by a trained staff that knows their limitations as well as their abilities. They will find out the best activities for their personal situation and develop a physical activity plan. In addition to aerobic activity, they will learn exercises for increasing flexibility, strength and balance.

The program also educates your parent—letting them know the risk factors that may have been involved with their first heart attack and the lifestyle changes they can make to limit the possibility of a second heart attack from occurring. It provides counseling and group support and suggests methods for reducing stress—a contributor to heart disease.

Cardiac Rehabilitation and your Parent

This program will help your parent learn techniques, attitudes and ways to implement lifestyle changes that will lead to a better diet, healthier body and weight loss. It will lead your parent not only to better health, but a better quality of life. If they smoke, counselors and health care professionals will suggest methods used to quit. If they are experiencing high stress levels, the program will teach them alternative means of thinking and feeling that reduce stress. If your parent lives some distance from the closest program, look into medical transport services that may be available. Homebound cardiac rehab care may also be an available option.

Elder Care Provider

Your parent may be unable to perform all of the daily tasks of living upon their return home. Consider the services of an elder care provider who can help them with these activities as well as assist with transportation and running errands. Having someone present can be a great relief to a parent who is feeling anxious about the possibility of a second heart attack.

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Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

Mark Vollmer is the co-owner of Queen City Elder Care and performs the outside sales and finance functions of the company.He has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience including sales and sales management in home infusion and hospice services.

Michele Vollmer is a visionary leader who is perpetually searching for ways to improve, so to remain at the leading edge of the home care industry.She has served in the healthcare industry since 1989, including pharmaceutical and home health sales, as well as hospice sales and sales management.
Mark & Michele Vollmer, Co-Owners, Managing Partners

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